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Shopping for USB sticks on Amazon

Posted on 2017.01.11 at 14:43
I got about six USB memory sticks from Amazon.  Out of the six, one doesn't work at all, and another one is the wrong size. I ordered them 2 GB, for my sewing machine (which is all it takes).  Then one is labeled 4 GB, instead of 2 GB, therefore my machine won't accept it.  I get tired of the wrong things coming from orders that I did not want.

What a hassle.


The Reason I've Been Gone From LiveJournal

Posted on 2016.10.21 at 12:35
Current Location: Modesto, CA
The reason I am gone from LiveJournal, with extremely few updates the past few years, is because I am sick from the druggies next door making meth in their home. Then they have "guests" over who also do drugs, and partake of the meth their hosts make all week, every week.  I'm losing my teeth.  My ears ring constantly. My asthma flares up daily, and at night when I'm trying to sleep.  Their cigarette smoke and meth smoke just billows over onto my property, and infiltrates the house vents. I'm so sick I can barely stand up, and forget about ever getting sleep.

People want drugs to be legalized. I say this problem will be far more rampant for those of us who do not do drugs, do not smoke, and try to take care of our health, because it moves in next door and stays there.  Another neighbor is growing a marijuana crop, and the stench, which smells like skunk, is overwhelming. Is this really what you want for your kids?     I used to be healthy, had beautiful teeth, and very active. Now I'm a heap of misery, and unable to move.  I can't afford to have my teeth fixed,  it will be so expensive - over $6,000 with no insurance (thanks Obamacare!).

I hope you're happy, people.  Because those drugs you are smoking, shooting, and snorting are doing your body in, too.  I just wish it would hurry up and take you away, because I'm tired of putting up with this.    One of us will go first.  That is assured.

This started in 2011, and has increased intensity within the last three years.

Lord, have mercy.

Someday soon, I hope, the DEA will shut down this drug lab at 504 Cormorant Drive, Modesto, CA before it kills all the neighbors. I'm not the only one suffering!


Crow in Yosemite

Posted on 2015.12.19 at 15:54
Current Mood: sadsad
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When we were in Yosemite National Park a couple of years ago, this crow came up to us wanting a hand-out. It was in January.  We had nothing to give.


Cause of Autism

Posted on 2015.12.05 at 16:34
Current Location: Middle of California
Current Mood: angryangry
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An Anonymous person posted this on a health site, and much of this seems logical.


I am constantly shocked at the frequency "doctors" and science keep claiming "There is no single known cause for autism"--there IS and always has been. But because the average person doesn't understand neurology, microbiology or organic chemistry, they continue to keep people in the dark. Lying when there's only one logical answer....please, allow me to clear that up....

Autism is caused by a blockage in the Corpus Callosum. This is the part of the brain that connects Right Brain to Left--our human brain's junction box no different than the ones in our home with 'fuses.' If you take the fuses out, the lights go out, just as they have in the Autistic brain. Allow me a bit more latitude...

The Corpus Callosum is a very thick (like a "callous") bundle of neuronal fibers much thicker than gray or white matter. This junction is where over 200 million nerve fibers connect both hemispheres of the brain. When we are babies the Corpus Callosum is small because we don't NEED both sides of the brain, only the Right hemisphere's "pattern recognition." But as we grow into childhood it becomes bigger as the DEMANDS for these connections grow. When born, we all must stay in Right Brain/pattern recognition for a while in order to absorb all the beautiful patterns of the world around us. But it gets a bit trickier: right brain doesn't simply recognize patterns, it's also where ALL sensory perception resides (seeing, tasting, smelling, etc) and where ALL memory is. This is the side of the brain that KNOWS all without needing 'written' calculations or language. Because RIGHT BRAIN IS MUTE, and doesn't 'write' or calculate math on paper. It is where ALL memory resides, both subconscious and unconscious. If you block the Corpus Callosum, you block the most crucial aspect to human thinking and what separates us from the animals--the human Ego, which is located in the Left Brain. We don't need this connection at birth, but as we grow up it slowly connects to control Right Brain's drive for truthful patterns. If our Right Brain never connects to Left, like in the case of Autism, then the Ego never kicks on to tell Right Brain "hey, your about to follow that pattern right off a cliff." And why Autistics have "no fear." But the human brain is so remarkable...even when the Corpus Callosum is blocked or missing in some cases, the brain will find a way and eventually make some of these connections on it's own. But without the PROPER connections you can end up with some bizarre re-wiring; similar to an unskilled handyman 'micky mousing' the wiring in your home. And the end result COULD BE Autism, or 'schizophrenia,' or BiPolar disorder. You may be asking "so what makes Autism Autism? And why is it caused by 'heavy metals' and 'toxins/microbes' in vaccines?

Within 1 vaccine is a host of plagues (parasitic microorganisms) that would surely die if left without a protective host it can hide in and feed off of--especially when it's LAB CREATED. A lab-created ruby is not a real ruby, just as a lab-created plague is not a real plague, so it isn't as viral as real plagues and NEEDS PROTECTION when sitting on a shelf for weeks or months. In the early 1900s, Dr. Theobald Smith ("Father" of Microbiology) discovered PARASITIC ORGANISMS USE HEAVY METALS LIKE ARMOR, and why toxins like mercury are so difficult to get rid of. Once the microbe joins with the heavy metal, we as humans are in trouble. When this duet of toxicity is injected directly into our bloodstreams, it bypasses ALL NATURAL IMMUNE FUNCTIONS, and our ability to truly fight it off or 'metabolize' it ("bioaccumulation")--and why many get sick with the very plagues they're being inoculated against. Those are the lucky ones; for if these armored plagues make it past the 'illness' stage without a fight, THEY HEAD DIRECTLY TO OUR BRAINS, bypassing the 'blood brain barrier.' And our Corpus Callosum takes a HUGE hit BECAUSE it's so thickly constructed. Similar to squeezing through a thick crowd, these armored microbes get stuck in and around the Corpus Callosum--backing up just as a crowd would if they were rushing from a burning stadium getting jammed up in a small exit--the Corpus Callosum. Just under the Corpus Callosum is the Limbic System....the part of the brain that creates "emotions," infecting this part of the brain as well. This is why many Autistics also have 'emotional' problems or act schizophrenia as well as Autistic. Interesting sidebar: Dr. Theobald Smith lectured doctors tirelessly on keeping toxins (like heavy metals & other microbes OUT of vaccines). Dr. Smith was hired by the Rockefeller Institute, and the Department of Health and Human Services with the U.S. Government. So now, tell me why they're not only putting heavy metals in vaccines, but also creating them from raw eggs, human fetal cells, bug DNA and other LETHAL additives??? Especially after Dr. Smith lecturing them on the dangers of it???????

I hope this helps your understanding of Autism. NOW FOR THE CURES....hydrogen peroxide is h2o2 (water being h2o) a water-based solution with an X-TRA OXYGEN MOLECULE. When a 'food grade' version is added to reverse osmosis water and drank, it was found to climb inside damaged cells, BLAST THEM WITH OXYGEN FROM THE INSIDE OUT....thereby destroying the heavy metal armor coating of the toxic microbe, and killing the parasite. It was discovered this substance can CURE heavy metal poisoning as well; a syndrome with--coincidentally--remarkable symptoms to Autism. Vitamin C, an organic acid that climbs inside damaged cells/microbes and TURNS INTO HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, can be used to cure Autism and heavy metal poisoning too. There are many organic cures, you need only search for them on Google.

The most sinister part of this--the government knows this to be true, but continues to allow the pharmaceutical companies to produce these vaccines as they are. Then inject them into your child, injuring them. Hard to believe I know, but let me ask you....if 1 in 70 of OUR children are being diagnosed with Autism, why aren't 1 in 70 Senators kids being stricken with it? On the same line of reasoning: if 1 out of every 3 of us will be stricken with Cancer, why aren't 1 in 3 Presidents, Prime Ministers and Popes dropping with the same numbers?


Shabby Chic

Posted on 2015.11.04 at 08:28
Current Location: home
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When we were given a 1920's Roos Cedar Chest, I was thrilled to have it.  It had been in storage, under cover, but out in the open on a patio for a few years.  It was scratched up, beat up, broken trim, dried out, and water damaged.  I had hoped to restore it in original condition. When we found out it was covered in paper-thin veneer, we knew just sanding and restaining wasn't going to work.  My huband did most of the work, and he lightly sanded it, and replaced the trims.  I picked out some paint, muted turquoise and metallic silver for the trims.  It came out glorious, to me.  It now resides in our bedroom, with my sweaters inside.  The really cool thing about this was the inside was like brand-new, and it still had the original paperwork and lining inside of it.  It still smells like cedar after all of these years.



Bluehost Steals

Posted on 2015.08.23 at 15:37
Current Location: Ether World
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Had all of my Websites hosted on Blue Host.  Now they have "black listed" me and blocked me from my emails, and shut down most of my Websites for no reason.  They won't even talk to me.  I'm trying to open another hosting account elsewhere, but not finding much, as no FTP available, and other various reasons.  I may just have to abandon my domain names if they further block me from my account.  By restarting my modem, obtaining a new IP address, I had access again to my emails, but could not send.  Considering the amount I'm paying for hosting and all that, I have no idea why they are treating me so shabbily and won't tell me anything.  They accused me of having malware.  **doubtful** I just changed my OS and had a thorough formatting before that.  So they are NOT secure, and NOT admitting to THEIR wrongdoing.  Obviously their hosting is not secure. I changed passwords and did my part. It wasn't enough. I used my Website emails for my personal emails. Now I have to use something like Yahoo or Gmail.  Until I can find a decent Web host, none of this will work out.  This journal is my last Website.  I hate false accusations.  They really hurt.

All I had on my Websites were my machine embroideries, my collectibles, my art, my Koi pond, my pets.  How harmful is that?  They just wanted to shut me down because I'm a Christian?

Update:  November 4, 2015
I have all the Websites I could afford to transfer to a new host.  They are less expensive, and very helpful when needed.  BlueHost has been emptied of anything of mine that was important.  However, I closed the account and asked for a refund of unused time. They said they would do this.  Well, it's been several weeks now, and I have NOT received a refund. I wonder if it will ever come?  These are some very dishonest people, so my hopes for this are almost nil.  It would be a great surprise to me if they FOR ONCE did the right thing.  At least my favorite domain names are secure for the time being, and I'm very happy with the new host.


Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond Embroidery Machine

Posted on 2014.12.07 at 07:39
Current Location: Northern California
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Showing how the machine works.


Another trial

Posted on 2014.11.28 at 09:44
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Something else I've tried recently, and hope to make a better, larger one. Working on it presently.  The material is satin.



Another Design

Posted on 2014.11.08 at 11:45
I try them out on a piece of cloth before putting it on clothing. This one worked out very well.



Another embroidery

Posted on 2014.10.21 at 18:27
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This a design available to me that I tried out.  It's called a velvet stitch. It was fun to do.  This was made with my new Husqvarna Viking Diamond Royal sewing machine.


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