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Bluehost Steals

Posted on 2015.08.23 at 15:37
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Had all of my Websites hosted on Blue Host.  Now they have "black listed" me and blocked me from my emails, and shut down most of my Websites for no reason.  They won't even talk to me.  I'm trying to open another hosting account elsewhere, but not finding much, as no FTP available, and other various reasons.  I may just have to abandon my domain names if they further block me from my account.  By restarting my modem, obtaining a new IP address, I had access again to my emails, but could not send.  Considering the amount I'm paying for hosting and all that, I have no idea why they are treating me so shabbily and won't tell me anything.  They accused me of having malware.  **doubtful** I just changed my OS and had a thorough formatting before that.  So they are NOT secure, and NOT admitting to THEIR wrongdoing.  Obviously their hosting is not secure. I changed passwords and did my part. It wasn't enough. I used my Website emails for my personal emails. Now I have to use something like Yahoo or Gmail.  Until I can find a decent Web host, none of this will work out.  This journal is my last Website.  I hate false accusations.  They really hurt.

All I had on my Websites were my machine embroideries, my collectibles, my art, my Koi pond, my pets.  How harmful is that?  They just wanted to shut me down because I'm a Christian?

Update:  November 4, 2015
I have all the Websites I could afford to transfer to a new host.  They are less expensive, and very helpful when needed.  BlueHost has been emptied of anything of mine that was important.  However, I closed the account and asked for a refund of unused time. They said they would do this.  Well, it's been several weeks now, and I have NOT received a refund. I wonder if it will ever come?  These are some very dishonest people, so my hopes for this are almost nil.  It would be a great surprise to me if they FOR ONCE did the right thing.  At least my favorite domain names are secure for the time being, and I'm very happy with the new host.

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