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Shabby Chic

Posted on 2015.11.04 at 08:28
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When we were given a 1920's Roos Cedar Chest, I was thrilled to have it.  It had been in storage, under cover, but out in the open on a patio for a few years.  It was scratched up, beat up, broken trim, dried out, and water damaged.  I had hoped to restore it in original condition. When we found out it was covered in paper-thin veneer, we knew just sanding and restaining wasn't going to work.  My huband did most of the work, and he lightly sanded it, and replaced the trims.  I picked out some paint, muted turquoise and metallic silver for the trims.  It came out glorious, to me.  It now resides in our bedroom, with my sweaters inside.  The really cool thing about this was the inside was like brand-new, and it still had the original paperwork and lining inside of it.  It still smells like cedar after all of these years.


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