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The Reason I've Been Gone From LiveJournal

Posted on 2016.10.21 at 12:35
Current Location: Modesto, CA
The reason I am gone from LiveJournal, with extremely few updates the past few years, is because I am sick from the druggies next door making meth in their home. Then they have "guests" over who also do drugs, and partake of the meth their hosts make all week, every week.  I'm losing my teeth.  My ears ring constantly. My asthma flares up daily, and at night when I'm trying to sleep.  Their cigarette smoke and meth smoke just billows over onto my property, and infiltrates the house vents. I'm so sick I can barely stand up, and forget about ever getting sleep.

People want drugs to be legalized. I say this problem will be far more rampant for those of us who do not do drugs, do not smoke, and try to take care of our health, because it moves in next door and stays there.  Another neighbor is growing a marijuana crop, and the stench, which smells like skunk, is overwhelming. Is this really what you want for your kids?     I used to be healthy, had beautiful teeth, and very active. Now I'm a heap of misery, and unable to move.  I can't afford to have my teeth fixed,  it will be so expensive - over $6,000 with no insurance (thanks Obamacare!).

I hope you're happy, people.  Because those drugs you are smoking, shooting, and snorting are doing your body in, too.  I just wish it would hurry up and take you away, because I'm tired of putting up with this.    One of us will go first.  That is assured.

This started in 2011, and has increased intensity within the last three years.

Lord, have mercy.

Someday soon, I hope, the DEA will shut down this drug lab at 504 Cormorant Drive, Modesto, CA before it kills all the neighbors. I'm not the only one suffering!

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