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Barometer and Clock Piece Repaired

Posted on 2014.10.04 at 15:06
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It's all repaired and looks as good as new. The clock hour hand does need small adjustment.  Other than it, it works well!  Fortunately, Hubby had the mahogany on hand, so this clock total was $10.50 for a really nice piece!!  It is all solid mahogany.



Barometer & Clock

Posted on 2014.09.07 at 09:25
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  • This barometer, clock, and temperature gauge was found at a thrift shop for $10.50 a few days ago.  Hubby says he can fix it by replacing the missing pieces.  It is made of solid mahogany.  The clock, temperature, barometer seem to be working.

  • barometer-clock-temp


Cut Glass Collectibles

Posted on 2014.08.26 at 11:45
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Small thrift store haul from yesterday.  Two perfume bottles, a covered box, a covered dish, all for a lady's dresser.



Milk Glass Loving Cup

Posted on 2014.08.23 at 18:13
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I don't know what else to call it, but it is a cup, possibly a sugar bowl, that is shaped as a loving cup.  I love the design on it.



This is a Japanese pot made pre-WWII, which makes it vintage, and on the edge of antique status.


Sweet Teddy Bear, Milk Glass Vases

Posted on 2014.08.19 at 17:11
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Found this sweet Teddy Bear and some Milk Glass vases the other day at a charity thrift shop.  Also found a fancy teacup without a saucer, but I have plans for it in my "girly room" upstairs.

Lots of plans, but so little time.



Milk Glass Crazy

Posted on 2014.08.18 at 17:46
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Right now I'm on a short, milk glass craze.  I hope it's short, but maybe not. We will see.



Shabby Chic Here I Come

Posted on 2014.08.07 at 08:12
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A close-up of some of my collectibles, the ones that give a shabby chic look to my sewing and crafts room.  The pink vase I found recently, and hope to find a better decoration of ribbons and lace for the vase.  I call this vase my "faux Lalique" vase.  Maybe I'll attach a silk rose to it, some ribbon, beads, who knows.  I have a lot of sequins, buttons, ribbons, lace, beads, and trims that I have saved up all of my life. Now have found something to do with them.  That's the thrill of decorating in shabby chic style.


I also collect colored glass.  The red vases seemed perfect for my shabby chic area.


The frost swans were a gift from my hubby.


Ceramics brighten my day, every day.


Girly Room

Posted on 2014.08.05 at 08:03
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I had to convert a boy's bedroom into a sewing room.  It still wasn't right, until I realized that I need to "girly it up" more so I'd be more comfortable in there while sewing, or doing crafts.  Here is a start to my effort.  I changed out the the blue painted shelves into a satin white, added lace on the edges, and began filling them with some of my collectibles. I have concentrated on giving larger areas to display the milk glass I'm finding in thrift shops.  Milk glass goes very well with a shabby chic style, which will be my goal.  The curtain will be changed over to all lace, and maybe some velvet or other fabulous material I can find in my stashes.

It's been a lot of fun, but I'm far from done!



Estate Sale

Posted on 2014.06.17 at 17:23
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Thrift shops and estate sales. Finding all kinds of treasures since I retired.


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